Sound recording

White Oil

White Oil is a documentary film by Judy Price. Younes Bouadi cooperated in the shooting of the film both as sound man and by providing discursive feedback.


    (Expected release date 2012)

    White Oil is a documentary film by London based artist Judy Price. The film is part of her practice based PhD research and will be accompanied by a written thesis. Both the film and the thesis explore on the geopolitical and spatial relations of the Occupied Palestian Territories by focussing on the quarries in these areas.

    Poor in other raw materials, the white stone has become one of the major export products of the region. The vast majority of the stone is exported to Israel where it is used for the construction of Israel and the build of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. White Oil explores the emotional, metaphorical and physical consequences of the disappearance of soil.

    By means of this project, Judy Price investigates the role art can play in a political sphere. She underlines and actively appropriates the active role of art to rupture and enable new forms of representation and knowledge.

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