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Freethinker's Space: Continued

Art, Property of Politics IV: Freethinker's Space Continued is a project by Jonas Staal, produced by Bouadi Art Productions. It is a continuation in 5 parts of Art, Property of Politics II: Freethinker's Space. Freethinker's Space Continued is produced by Bouadi Art Productions.

  • Editions:

    Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks / Green Party)
    (Sept. 15 - Oct. 28, 2012. Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL.)

    The Freethinker's Space by Jesse Klaver of the Dutch Green Party 'GroenLinks' is titled 'The Netherlands as a Freethinker's Space.' By means of works of art of photographer Lidwien van der Ven, documentary filmmaker Robert Oey, photographer Bart Losekoot, sculptor Jeroen Henneman and cultural historian Thomas van der Dunk, Jesse Klaver argues that the identity of the Netherlands is characterised and shaped by the ongoing negotiation between religious and secular forces and not by the absolutization of the right of freedom of speach for either of these forces exclusively.

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    Rogier Verkroost (democraten '66 / democrats '66)
    (Sept. 15 - Oct. 28, 2012. Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL.)

    The Freethinker's Space by Rogier Verkroost is titled 'No Popular Culture without Frayed Edges.' By means of examples from popular culture - of musicians Autechre and Madonna, gamedesigners Rockstar London and cartoonist Alan Moore - he argues that even the political wish for censorship goes principally against an open society. Politics should only be allowed to deal with fundamental censorship in relation to the infrastructure, like the ACTA law that absolutizes the copyright of the author against which libertarian Rogier Verkroost explicitly condemns.

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    Carolien Gehrels (PvdA / Labour Party)
    (Oct. 5 - Nov. 4, 2012. de Appel, Amsterdam, NL.)

    The Freethinker's Space by Carolien Gehrels, municipal executive of culture, is titled 'The City is the Freethinker's Space'. In this Space Carolien Gehrels defends a classical social-democratic concept of the arts and an emancipatory cultural policy. It is the task or responsibility of politics to take up an active role towards the arts and to garantuee the conditions for the dissemination of art throughout society. The works of art selected by Carolien Gehrels are examples of state-financied works of art that take place in the public sphere and evolve around the figure of Spinoza.

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