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Production & Research

New World Summit

The New World Summit is a project by Jonas Staal commissioned by the 7th Berlin Biennale and produced by Bouadi Art Productions.

    (2012. 7th Berlin Biennial: Forget Fear, Sophiensaele, Berlin, DE.)

    The New World Summit is an alternative parliament for political and juridical representatives of organizations currently placed on international terrorist lists. The ‘terrorist lists’ include organizations that are internationally considered to be state threats. In the European Union, a secret committee, the so-called “Clearing House”, draws up the terrorist list. The Clearing House meets bi-annually, in secret and there are no public proceedings of the way decisions are made for the listing of political organizations (source: Adding Hezbollah to the EU Terrorist List – Hearing before the Subcommittee on Europe of the Committee on Foreign Affairs House of Representatives, 20 juni 2007). The consequences for the listed organizations and people who are in contact with them include a block on all bank accounts and an international travel ban. The New World Summit attempts through the use of art to create a space for radical diplomacy, a democratic supplement on a political system that shows itself unable to act upon the democratic promise. The promise in which democracy manifests itself as a universal movement that struggles for a non-exclusive political space where every voice can make itself heard, seen and felt.

    New World Summit - Berlin is a project by: Jonas Staal // Commissioned by: 7th Berlin Biennale Artur Żmijewski and Joanna Warsza // Production and research: Younes Bouadi // Curator: Robert Kluijver // Assistance: Sandra Teitge // Architecture: Paul Kuipers // Editor: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei // Design: Sjoerd Oudman, New World Summit Design Collective // Development and build-up: Kasper Oostergetel, Geert van Mil and Reinier Kranendonk // Translator: Moussa Ag Assarid: Ernst van den Hemel // Translator Fadile Yildirim: Meral Cicek // Camera: Jan de Bruin and Conny Beneden // Editing Jan de Bruin // Photography: Lidia Rossner

    Source: Jonas Staal

    © 2012, Bouadi Art Productions